Monday, August 29, 2011

Lots to Say

I apologize for the delay in getting more pictures up. It is not often I am in the capital Yaounde where there is fast internet at the Peace Corps half way house. Yaounde is a fun city though expensive. There are plenty of western amenities, chief among them being pizza and burgers. I even went to the happy hour at the Hilton and took two cocktails on the rooftop bar overlooking the city. It can be a real fun city, but having to stay in the Peace Corps half way house can be a drag. The problem is not the people or the house itself(I have no problem living in an Animal House), but rather that you are constantly in proximity of the higher ups of Peace Corps Cameroon and the administration can be indifferent at times. Volunteers love to gossip about their problems but more on that later, for now the pictures will talk. These are from my travels up in the dry and hot northern regions of Cameroon. The landscape and people are quite beautiful.

Prison bus to Ngaoundere. Six hours or so.

The Adamawa

Lake Lagdos, North Region

The island at the center of the lake, Madagascar

Misty view of the Lake from the island Madagascar

The Extreme North

Maroua, a truly beautiful city surrounded by the driest heat

Rhumsiki mountain(I think its a mountain), Extreme North Region

The village at Rhumsiki

View of Rhumsiki village from atop a small mountain

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